3/18/16 Chapters 4 & 5

Chapter 4  was about having the right mental state to code well.  Distractions many of us utilize on a daily basis such as music, cell phones, t.v., or when it’s late-night and/or you’re just plain tired.  While I understand his point(s), I also understand a bit about people, and how we all function differently.  Personally I find certain sounds relaxing, or in terms of being able to produce some form of work, distracting to the peripheral portions of my thoughts and allows me to concentrate only on the task at hand.  I think even if it were possible to create a ‘perfect’ environment, that the silence itself would be a distraction to me.  I also am very much NOT a morning person, and daytime is nice, but optional, I am often up, and completely conscious at 3 AM, so I feel that again, sometimes it’s more about the fit to the person, and what achieves the mental state optimal for producing excellent code.

Chapter 5 was all about that favorite recurring theme….TDD…everything should be Test Driven Development!  I know that while this concept has been shown to my classmates and myself, that it still is not a favorite for us.  I wonder if this concept shouldn’t receive its own class earlier in our curriculum sometimes considering the seeming importance placed upon it in the later courses because a lot of us seem to, and I certainly do, feel lost with this in practice, or at least more challenged than would seem necessary.  I mean I understand the idea that you can build the code around the tests, but I feel this is not necessarily perfect.  This of course could just be my limited experience and a limitation on my current model of thinking about this concept.

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