3/3/16 The ICU and You!

So I  did the Skype for class the other day…from the ICU at UMass!  I mean, how many other people can make that kind of blog post?  “Yeah, I died the other day….and still participated in a class Skype conference!”.

Chapters 2 & 3

These chapters deal with knowing when to take on more work/responsibility, and understanding when you should not.  Luckily I have some real world experience on both sides of the fence in these regards.  Mr. Martin stresses the professionalism aspects, such as assuring you will have all of the work you’ve committed to done at the time you’ve said it would be completed by.  I am well acquainted with the fact that it is often difficult to try and tell someone, especially someone who is your supervisor/boss, “No.”, or “I can’t make that happen in that timeframe.”, etc.  I think everyone should be realistic; standards exist for good reason (usually), but people are imperfect.  Understanding our own limitations often comes from testing those limitations and reassessing based on our results, and we almost always learn more when we fail.  I understand the author’s ideas on professionalism having said that though.

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