5/5/16 Finished & Final Thoughts…

So when we first were introduced to the Radiology Module for OpenMRS  I was all excited.  We initially narrowed it down to an issue which looked to require minimal coding.  We were told that this issue might be ‘too difficult’, and we chose another issue, a simple task of deleting unused lines from a couple of files.  Simple, right?  Bang this out, move on to another issue.  Oh no….first getting OpenMRS and the Radiology module up and running, even for one of us, was crazy.  What that really taught me/us is that clear instructions are paramount.  This again was an issue because exactly what was to be done was vague via the ticket’s description.  Even after Matt asked for clarification multiple times, we weren’t entirely sure what the ‘right’ answer was.  Eventually we got an answer we took as concise enough to complete and actually finish the issue.  Unfortunately we do not know whether or not our fixes were accepted/utilized.

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